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What are some common problems that you may find in a new home?

How do I make a building permit in the State of California?

Can I sell my home?

Where do I file for a mortgage lender?

What are the state legal requirements for building a dwelling?

What is a condominium and can I purchase one as an individual?

How much house will I need?

When can I build a new home?

What is the difference between a second home and a rented house?

What are the State of California regulations for constructing and operating a home?

What are the rules for renting a home?

Do home renovators need a Certificate of Convenience?

What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

Is it required to maintain a building if I’m building a room?

How do I apply for a title for a building if I’m selling as an individual?

What is an open house and when does it typically take place?

What type of permits and fees do contractors need to get before starting construction of a home?

When does a home inspector come to inspect a home?

If I have more than 10 occupants are they allowed to all live in the same house?

Can I build a second story to meet the building code?

Why would I want to add additional bedrooms to a house?

What insurance options are available for a remodel home?

What is a “transitioning” home?

Is adding a second car garage the ultimate goal of the building of a house?

How does a home affect its value (price)?

Do people change their values?

Is there an option to convert a home on the market to condominium?

What is an affordable living option for seniors?

Where can I find a local nonprofit for retirement?

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Who is a homeowner’s association?

Who are the people who are affected by the laws of The State of California?

Where do I find a contractor in California?

What is the difference between a home inspection and a building inspection?

Is the county where the home is located required to participate in the County Public Works program?

Why should you choose to renovate a home, not a condo or a hotel?

How long is it before a home is ready for you to move in?

Are there

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