What are easy things to make and sell?

I would rather spend the time doing them well than have to put in the effort of making them difficult.

5. Don’t take advantage of your client for free.

You should keep your costs as low as possible by getting quotes from all the relevant people as well as working with the best vendors (it never hurts to work with others). Your business will improve the best if you don’t spend time searching for people to pay you too much money to have too much fun with. And it will be much more profitable if you get an excellent quotation for your services.

6. Work on what you have.

If you’ve come up with a great idea for a product/service that you’re working on, you should be able to show people how awesome it is and demonstrate its superiority over competitors. This is especially true if you feel there’s a market for it; you don’t need to make it clear what product/service you are currently working on, but instead explain your work and the advantages it gives you if you start making the product/service.

7. Be yourself.

If you are a freelancer, try to work on your interests while you are freelancing. If you are a team member, you shouldn’t make your team look too good or try to sell them anything too appealing. If you can make your company look good anyway, you have nothing to lose by doing so. You really should just be yourself and let your talent be in service of your clients and not you being yourself.

8. Be flexible.

People expect to see results quickly and to have to be able to work on a long-term project rather than on an immediate project at a regular pace. People don’t need to be the best at everything and be ready to start working for you as soon as you say yes; you need to look on the bright side. So instead of saying that your first few days are going to be tough for you, try saying that the early days will be easy for you and you won’t feel overwhelmed until the projects go smoothly.

9. You need to pay your bills

When you have a full time job and a full time business, you need to make sure that money is coming in in order for you to be able to pay your bills and still maintain a healthy balance.

This is just a general outline for starting out; I’m sure that there are more things you should keep in mind about your business to take the edge off