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We make both home theater and office furniture at the same time so you can purchase both at the same time no matter what stage in building your furniture. Our furniture prices are determined by what we can build at a reasonable price. If you just want to build a one bedroom home office, we’ll be glad to fit every square foot of your space!

The last time we spoke, you were writing that you wanted to write the definitive history of a game that nobody had played. While the idea of “the definitive” remains an interesting concept in and of itself, I would also love to see someone write that a story never had happened.
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Now that you’re done this whole process, I guess it’s time I take a look back at that one you really didn’t want it to be.

But first, a quick note on this game. You see, not knowing what I was up to I hadn’t read many things about the game. So I had no idea what to expect, and then when I started to read these early reviews, I was totally confused.

“It’s like Super Mario 64 except all the enemies are in their own level.”

“The controls are too easy with you constantly getting stuck on the level selection screen.”

“The levels are so simple in this game, you need only play two to play through.”

“It’s like Tetris.”

Even though it was a completely random review review I thought it would be fun to see what everybody else thought. I knew there were a few of us that enjoyed that game so I started playing it up to that point. After playing it through I was pretty disappointed. It was actually pretty amazing to me that I spent almost an hour playing it, but then once I got through it I was actually kind of disappointed with it. I felt like if I had picked up a Mario Bros 2 and played the same amount of the levels, it was still pretty hard and very difficult and I’d still give that two star. But I ended up having to play that game pretty carefully if I wanted to get to my four star review.

I know that a few of you liked this game, and others who did liked it hated it. That’s okay. It’s okay. It doesn’t make me sound like a terrible reviewer. It’s just hard for me to make a point for it when there’s so much more to give in another review.

Here’s what I did. I did the same thing I

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