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Tatiana Kuzia, a journalist and the first ever Latvian to win the top prize in Poker at a World Series event, spoke to Forbes about the world’s top three casinos, and the history behind them.

Where does The Mirage stand among the biggest gambling venues in the world?

In 2012, I came second at the largest Las Vegas casino, Planet Hollywood, playing the best players in the world, who were winning large sums of money every night from high stakes online poker tournaments. I came second as well because I was able to keep playing as long as I did.

At The Mirage, you are playing for real money and the stakes are huge. With the $1 billion casino on which it is located, the hotel’s annual profits in 2014 were more than $7.7 billion. Now I am looking to take this success and run it into the next level. This new level is an experience I’m not sure you could find anywhere else. It might sound like hype and I think that’s a mistake. What it does not do is bring me into competition with casinos in the United States, or Australia, etc…

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The Mirage is a very famous hotel. It has long been an international symbol of luxury and it is the most famous hotel in Atlantic City. However, it is also a business entity, which is why I decided to open The Mirage without a hotel license. I had no money. All that I gained from playing, and I was able to win even more, was a new name for the hotel. I was able to give credit to many friends.

Why do you think The Mirage is doing so well?

In Latvia, in my country, and across the globe, we have become very comfortable with the idea that every new project must have its own unique character, even though the main focus is on the project itself. People can come into The Mirage any time, from Saturday to Monday, they can drink and enjoy an experience that’s not just a casino, but a social experience as well. The idea is that these events are like a social holiday to celebrate the uniqueness of each event. You are not just playing against the other slots players, you are in the presence of other like-minded people. It is a very interesting combination.

You’re opening a casino in Moscow on Monday. What attracted you to opening The Mirage in Moscow?

I have been in Moscow for several years in my career now. The city has a lot

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