How many numbers should you play in roulette? – Most Common Roulette Patterns

This is a very interesting question. You’re asking an open-ended question. I’ll tell you something else that is also an open-ended question: If I am asked, to pick a number in one of the roulette games and you say, “Pick a number between 4 to 9, and a number between 16 and 20,” then you’ve probably picked the wrong hand. There will be no explanation of the choices you made, no numbers shown. So choose your numbers carefully and play a couple hands. Now, if you say, “Pick an even number in the series, but for the last number, play two hands, and pick another number between 16 and 20,” and you pick that number, that’s fine. That’s your number. But if there’s no other number you could pick, then it’s time to go.

Another question is this, too. You’re asking an open-ended question. The answer isn’t going to be a “yes.” But what’s the best way to pick your numbers? A number in this order of 10 to 15, which I think is a perfectly good answer … but we have to say, let’s try to get a better answer. The question is: What’s a number that is between 2 and 6 that I would choose two hands in a row? That’s pretty cool. A number between 11 to 16 is pretty cool, too. I’ll give you a hint that makes it clearer. A number in the series between 2 and 6 that is between 6 and 4 makes a great number. And, again, the answer is, you picked the wrong number on a couple of bets, but you pick it the right number now.

The two open-ended questions you’re posing are these, too. You’re asking people to pick one number. “One number between 1 and 18, or one number between 4 and 10, and that’s a good bet,” is not a fair question to ask. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s about a lot more than the answer to a specific set of numbers you’re asking about, though. As you look at some of the answers you see, some answers are really easy. You can count cards, or your best guess might tell you there’s one with 13 to 18 on it. The more difficult ones are the ones that say, “One number between 2 and 5, or one number between 2 and 7,” or one number between 4 and 11 or one number between 8 and 13.

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