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In my experience, the two most common ways of counting casino games are through a deck of cards and the use of the dealer’s hand.

Do you use a deck of cards or hand?

One of the more difficult tasks in casino playing is keeping track of cards in a stack without cards moving around or going out of play. When a game reaches end, the number on each card is the result of the deck being flipped over and then shuffled. One of the most basic ways that dealers often determine the number of points given between any two cards is by calculating the value of each card to the current point value. A dealer who knows exactly what’s on each of their cards can then determine the value. For example, suppose that Ace is 6, the highest total point in any casino game. A dealer knows how many points each card has, and because Ace has 6, this indicates that 6 is a higher value on Ace than on any of the other six cards in the Ace stack as well. Using the dealer’s total point value as well as the dealer’s hand for each card, it is possible that a dealer will place a bet of more than a third of a jackpot if both of the two highest total points are used with a low total point value (for example, 3, 2, 11).

When a hand goes out of play, the dealer’s total point value is replaced with the dealer’s hand. A dealer’s hand is worth the total amount of times the dealer plays with the cards in his hand – not just the amount that’s in his hand. (This means that when a player takes some cards and gives them back to an agent, that the dealer can get his total value back by selling the hand.)

A dealer’s hand can be any of a number of different types, including:

Binomial (binary) betting (often referred to as “bets”)

(binary) betting (often referred to as “bets”) Multiples (also known as “numbers”)

(also known as “numbers”) Jackpot odds (also referred to as “pots”)

(also referred to as “pots”) High-low bets

Betting tables (sometimes abbreviated to “betting tables”)

The “Betting Table” and the “Pot Table” are the most frequently-used terms in casino game gambling. Many casinos also have “Binomial Tables,” “Number Tables,” and “Jackpot Tables

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