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The average moving average of the past 5 years has reached 1.29, while the average of the previous 5 years has reached 1.26.[20] This is better than the 1.21 on average for the same time period from 2001 to 2005.

So why doesn’t every stock move faster? The short answer is that it’s hard to move money in a way that moves the most value. A good investment returns more than the dollar invested each year.

So maybe the best way to move money by buying the same stock is by waiting until that stock is at the peak, and then selling your shares when it starts to fall. Here is an example from the Financial Times:

“A company called Oasis Global Holdings sold its entire shares at 1pm on Friday. At that point, the shares were up by a fourth. By then, Oasis had sold 12m shares, or 7 per cent of its share count, leaving it slightly undervalued by $15. It is sold for at least $40 a share, which is more than 50pc above its market value today.”[21]

Here is a longer list from a couple of recent articles of stocks that had a good period of moving:

“After a period of falling prices, the stock of a technology company called Amazon has surged back out to a record high, having fallen about 17pc after the market closed. The stock closed at $194.40 on Friday, up 19 per cent from the closing high of $166.88. “The company, which sells computers to businesses, is also one of the world’s largest private-label retailers, with revenue approaching £8bn.”

“Last week, Apple ended the month with record sales to investors, but the firm suffered a double-digit fall in sales. A surge in sales of smartphones helped to offset declines in computers. The stock closed at $116.72 on Friday, slightly higher than the $112 close at which that was set on 8 September.”[22]

And this week:

“The share price for a British food processing firm called Tesco has rocketed above its 52-week highs, with the company posting its best October as sales increased to its highest rate since the financial crisis. The £7.50 shares have since surged to a record high of £95.74.”[23]

So perhaps the best way to move money by buying the best share of the top 25 stocks in a given week is to buy 10 shares and

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