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A few months ago, we wrote about some of the challenges with making the best possible video game for PlayStation VR – from the interface to the gameplay. That article was the catalyst for some of the early VR games to launch, even though the system itself is already on display.

Now, we’re seeing the same thing with the second wave of Vive games, with the likes of Spacebase DF-9 and Quantum Break coming to the platform early next year. The PSVR version of Frontier Developments’ new space-horror exploration game, in fact, has a very early release window, due to a bug that’s left people disappointed and confused about why it’s not out now.

The development team on Quantum Break, however, appears to have finally realised their mistakes and are releasing the game sooner than expected – and with support for PlayStation VR on top of that, it could end up being an amazing VR experience.

Playstation VR support on Quantum Break

To start off, Quantum Break takes place in a universe where alien technology from the future has been taken over by a faction called the Foundation, and an organisation called The Syndicate is in charge of keeping them under control.

The story sees you as either an android, the hero, or an android-human hybrid. Your task? Find a way to stop the Foundation from taking over the Matrix, and stop the Syndicate from stealing the new technology which has given them their power. You will use your surroundings to your advantage, and use your body to your advantage by using various tricks and power-ups.

At launch, you will only be able to play through the story as a human, which is actually a bit odd when you consider that in the original game the human protagonist was a android. But even with his human backstory, we can already tell you that Quantum Break’s main plot is going to be pretty huge, with plenty of interesting gameplay mechanics and combat mechanics to explore.

You will have to work as part of a team to save the Matrix at various points in the game, and you will do so using a range of different power-ups. The first of these is the Quantum Break Power Modifier, which will give you different powers if you take a specific combination of actions, and can be used for everything from the control of weapons to the power of a healing beam or healing field.

Next you will be able to use Quantum Break’s weapons outside of combat as well, though you don’t actually use them in combat,

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