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You put your money into the stock and the stock goes up. So let’s look at a simple model of that.

Suppose there are 100 people who buy stocks. They each have $10 each. They each have a $100 for that stock. So that’s their total investment in the stock. Now suppose the S&P 500 index is $8,000. If someone holds that stock for three months, they could buy that stock for $100. That $100 is that person’s total investment in the market. You could say all $100, but it’s not accurate because the $100 doesn’t represent the $10 that they put in.

The true value, if you’re thinking about the value of a stock, is that $10 is the amount that was invested into it over the three months. If someone has $100 invested into a stock you say they’re getting $10. To figure what that price represents, multiply the amount that was invested, the amount that you’ve already invested, and this number minus the amount that the person put in.
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That’s why if there’s a lot of people buying stocks, that’s probably a good idea to hold a large percentage of your money in the stock. When people have $10 in the stock, that’s what they’re going to get, and if you have $100 invested in the stock you could put that in. And then the price you’re going to get from that is an average of the three, because you’re increasing the number that’s invested.

The US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down all of Oklahoma’s strict anti-same-sex marriage laws was expected and welcomed by many gay rights activists. But the historic ruling was also met with deep disappointment and anger from the state’s LGBT community.

Oklahoma became the 12th state to defy the US Supreme Court’s ruling Tuesday. The state’s governor on Friday signed a declaration of independence from “that body of [its] citizens that have declared their allegiance to the United States of America.” Oklahoma County’s top elected official, Scott Harington—who announced it publicly on Saturday morning—also said his office will join the fight to legalize equal marriage in Oklahoma. The Republican governor did not specify what would happen in the absence of the US Supreme Court to stop the state from enforcing its original marriage statute.

“I recognize that the US Supreme Court’s opinion tonight is not the law of the land,” Harington said. “But I am

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