Can I make a living trading options? – Swing Trading For Beginners Hindi

Yes, you can, with proper registration. We recommend that you set up a full trading account with a broker for the trade. If you need more info about the pros and cons, I recommend reading our previous article: Trading Options
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How to buy Options?

Option purchases are not a good option if you want to be a trader. Trading options involves lots of risk, a huge price variation and a minimum of risk/return ratio. There is still a chance that the contract isn’t fair. We’ve written a lot about why it’s not a good idea to buy and trade options.

What are Options Trading Fees?

For each deal, options brokers charge a fee for buying and selling option contracts. Options trading fees increase when the options contract gets exercised. With this, the options broker has to charge for the opportunity cost, which can be quite high – you can read more about the option brokers charges and its fees here.

What can I do if I buy, sell or hold Option Option trades?

There are a few options brokers that offer the option to buy and sell in the option market. If not one of them is suitable, the options broker you use can offer to send you an offer to buy or sell.

How to sell Options?

You can sell buy options to a futures broker as well, but it will need to be done through the futures and options markets if the price change happens to coincide with the expiration date – meaning you will be buying the stock after its option expires. To purchase options for the future, you will have to contact a futures broker to buy the stock through a buy-back plan, for which many options brokers have built their own system.

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