Is McCormick saffron real? – Saffron Bulbs Planting Time

There’s no better way to prove that saffron is real than to compare it with another spice, such as chile powder. And this is where I feel McCormick saffron is the superior spice. Its texture is different, its smell is different… I personally love the smell of saffron, and if saffron is to be found in any place like it is in McCormick saffron, I can’t see a better place for it. It just needs to be grown in good soil and it can provide for you a lot.

For an in-depth comparison between saffron and chile powder, see this post on the subject from the blog of my friend Nima.

Does McCormick saffron work on dairy products?

No, of course not. But if you have a good source of milk (organic, no grains, no dairy), it can be a useful spice.

Conclusion / Summary

If you have a saffron patch in your garden, I strongly recommend that you give McCormick saffron a Try! It gives the fragrance we know and love, and provides a really useful spice. So if you’re curious, and would like to try it out for yourself, please give it a shot!

I hope you enjoyed my saffron-lover’s taste test!

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