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The story: This first season of “Saffron” is one of the most remarkable shows to come out in years. When I told the network why I thought this was a great show, the response from the network seemed so enthusiastic it sent shivers down my spine. And even as it was being picked up, the show was still under development before the network picked it up. And in my mind, I had visions of this show being “Somewhere” or “The Americans” with very unique characters. If you look at the cast — the two women, the two men, what they bring to the table? It’s remarkable, but I also had to look at the reality of where the show was at with my own career. I was a student-film major at USC in the late 90s, and the university was a “what do you want to do?” time. There were a lot of actors and actors at it, but there weren’t as many as there are now. But I didn’t want to be the one who was on the bubble in that kind of environment. The show was not only making fun of this “Saffron”-ness — it was very much about Saffron and how she became the young woman that she is. The whole thing is about how people are defined by their parents, by their family, by the people around them. It’s all of that. It really resonated for me, and I’ve got a ton of friends who have seen it and have also been excited about it. And I love that it did that. But that really wasn’t enough to get the show picked up by the network. I did get to interview for it, and I got to see a few episodes, and I loved everything I saw. But when I got the call from the network, to the point of, “Oh my God,” it was pretty emotional to think about. I had been working on the show, which had done a great job with the first two seasons, but when the network finally gave me the green light, I felt like I had been let down and that I failed the network. I can only say what I’ve said, and what I’ve seen — it took something beautiful and powerful to get them in the room. The response, though, was what got me so energized about the show — and why I wanted to keep making the show.

Why did you want to make it?

I have no idea. I think I was

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