How do you multiply saffron bulbs? – Growing Saffron Crocus In Containers

You do it the same way that you multiply a dollar, a nickel, an ounce of silver or a gram of gold.

There are a finite number of saffron bulbs that are available.

That said, the best time to save your saffron bulbs is during harvest season (November to April). If you buy bulbs earlier, they will not harvest as much.

Saffron is found in many areas of India and across the world. It is also an ingredient in foods like chutneys, curries, chutney powders, and sauces.

Saffron is a green colored spice traditionally used in Hindu as well as Persian cooking. It was brought to India by Persian traders and in the west by Arabs in the 19th century as a cure for snake bites.

The spice was later introduced to Europe and the United States, and made popular in the late 1800s at food festivals in the United States and France.

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