Can you grow saffron from seeds? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seeds Quilt

Yes. We grow it in the laboratory. It’s very, very difficult to grow, it’s difficult to make it in large quantities. So if you try to grow it this way, I can’t say that’s what I would do.

Do you ever use saffron oils?

We don’t use it commercially.

How long has it been your business?

Since the late 1940s. I’m a small housewife.

Why is the market for saffron so small?

A lot of people think that it’s expensive; that they want to get rich. That’s not the case either; it’s more about quality and purity and purity of what is being sold.

How many jars of saffron go into one container?

We produce 400,000 jars a season, and that is not enough. I have to buy a lot of saffron – it’s all over the place.

Where do you get it?

We buy it from a large saffron manufacturer in Morocco who’s very well known in the saffron industry.

How is the saffron produced?

Well, I can’t tell you that. So I don’t like to keep secrets from you, and if we tell you about it, it’s because it’s a secret.

Is it easier to dye saffron than the traditional silk?

Yes, it’s very different; it’s actually not that different. The difference is that when you take a color from a flower and you dye it, you get a lot of color. When you dye a traditional silk, it takes a lot of time to process the silk and to make it to be a nice color. With saffron, you can take a lot of color and turn it into a very fine white, like a linen.

Is saffron like silk or not?

It’s probably a bit more luxurious, as a lot of people make it. With silk, people say, “We cannot wear so many silk jackets – you can wear two at once.” This saffron is pretty good with jackets and with dresses, it’s a nice fabric to wear. The problem with saffron is that it is rather delicate and fragile. There’s a lot to be said about this. Some people get it from small farms; I can’t tell you where. The most well known and highest quality producer is in Morocco.

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