Where can I submit photos for money?

If you have photographs of the event you have attended, please email us here: [email protected]

Where do we send the photographs afterwards?

Images can be sent to [email protected]

Please note we will not forward your pictures in a self addressed stamped envelope. We ask for pictures from friends and family members who were there.

I have a very small event that took place, will I also need to provide some sort of proof-of-birth?

All applicants must first provide a photo of their application form and proof of their identity, date of birth, date of birth of any children under six, full name, date of birth, school name, gender and address if given at check-in. Please feel free to request additional documentation at check-in.

If you are sending us the first photo, please send the following details and a message to [email protected] –

Your name, first name and date of birth

Your first name and gender (only one name is allowed)

Current and previous addresses

Your age (see “When are you able to see people? ” below)

Where are you from?


The type of your event

Your estimated amount of the payment made

What will YOU use the money for?

Please note the information included in your application will not be returned; you must provide the information to us.

Are all applicants required to provide an identity card when they visit the museum?

No. We provide ID cards to attendees who are 18 and over, are currently living, studying, or working in the UK and are not currently carrying out any work overseas or living in an overseas country.

If you’re applying from overseas, please bring a copy of your passport and provide photocopy of what visa/immigration document(s) you’re carrying. If you are not aware of the validity of your visa, please give us our contact details so we can assist with supporting the application when you apply.

Will I be able to see the people at my event?

All applicants should be provided with ID at check-in. All guests, including those using their own personal devices, should be provided with an event-based mobile card to verify their identity at the time of arrival. We can make cards for any applicant at check-in, provided they are 18 years or older and are legally present in the UK with a full UK passport and address