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While a photo retouching process may involve a bunch of additional steps and tools, it is similar to the way photos are made in a digital camera — a process that uses retouching to improve a photograph.

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To start with, the photo was originally developed by a photo retoucher who uses a retouching tool like Photoshop to remove blemishes, cracks, or lines and create an image that will look more appealing.

While most photo retouching is done by a person who is not a photographer, there are some skills that make this job a bit easier and more creative.

A photo retoucher who is proficient with the following skills is more adept with retouching a photograph:

Understanding the different elements used during photo retouching such as, light source and exposure, composition, light effects and tone curves.

How to control image’s exposure, exposure levels, saturation, highlights and shadows with Photoshop’s Lightroom, Photoshop’s Lightroom Presets and the retoucher’s Lightroom profile.

Understanding how image was initially developed in various areas, such as: how the image was produced, when the image was taken, how the image was processed, how the image was developed, and how the image was then exported.

Understanding the different photo elements during photo retouching such as lens, lighting and scene light, whether the image was made in sunlight or in darkness, how the photo was edited such as: sharpening and contrast enhancement, adding filters such as saturation and hue, lighting adjustment, and cropping, or editing the overall tone of the photo.

Understanding and applying layers while changing color and tone by using filters and image effects.

Developing techniques, such as highlight and black-and-white adjustments, that will further enhance the overall look of the photo and create contrast in color, texture and brightness of the image.

Creating and applying specific light sources, such as soft light, bright light and a mirror, to the image, and using those lighting elements in Photoshop’s Lightroom, Photoshop’s Lightroom Presets and the retoucher’s Lightroom profile, to highlight and make a particular eye-catching or eye-catching scene.

How to retouch an image for the photo retoucher’s photo studio.

Learn how photo retouching can reduce your expenses & increase your profits.

Learn how we can help with photo retouching:

How to take photos.

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