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A photography degree is an additional course of instruction in art, including photography.

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Can I study one course from a specific photographer?

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can earn a double-degree in photography from either Canon or Pentax. In most cases these courses are also the same and will provide you with one degree (unless the course is available on the Pentax website and you need two degrees). However, if you have a Bachelor’s degree, the degree will be recognised as Master’s.

Can I study photography at a university?

Yes. As of the 2016 admissions year, accredited colleges offer a variety of courses in art, including photography and a Master’s in Photography:

You can study photography at both public and private colleges in Australia.

LONDON (Reuters) – An anonymous British government source said on Monday that Russia had carried out an airstrike on a hospital in a Syria hospital and that it meant the Syrian hospital was no longer a hospital.

It was also possible that chemical weapons were used and that Syria had lost evidence, one of the former ministers in Blair’s government told the BBC’s Sunday Politics program.

“This is a devastating, horrible, ugly and completely unacceptable event for Syria which, without doubt, is an atrocity,” said Jeremy Browne, then a foreign secretary under Blair and now its new top diplomat.

“This is a sign that Assad and Russia are acting, and we cannot rule out that they are involved, perhaps more than we realised, in this.”

Britain is now leading efforts to bring Syria’s conflict under control, which it has described as having started with peaceful pro-democracy protests but escalated into a full-blown civil war after a poison gas attack last week that killed more than 1,400 people on a Damascus suburb.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said the British military “will have a strong presence” in Syria to help with the air campaign and to help protect its citizens when it returns.

He said last week that if there was evidence of chemical weapons use, the United States “would assume this was used deliberately” and the “international community cannot sit idly by while that is happening”.

Britain is an ally of the United States and has carried out several strikes against Assad government targets, most recently this month when it bombed a weapons convoy near the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

Syrian government air strikes continue but are less frequent as fighting intensifies on the ground, and Assad

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