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No dog should be left alone longer than 8 hours. Dogs often have a very stressful and often anxious relationship with people, and that relationship can be very stressful for them. Some people also believe it’s better if they give up their dog temporarily rather than give them up permanently. For those reasons, it may be appropriate to allow some dogs longer time to play. Some experts say that a few hours is better than 8-10 hours; however, a more realistic approach is 4-6 hours per day, and even if it’s 8 hours a day, just go up one hour every day to give your dog more stimulation, and increase the time they are able to play with you and others.

I am an avid gamer who, in order to have fun, must create, play and enjoy a game. You want to be able to get through the level, kill each enemy in a row, and proceed to the next level. It is essential that you have a decent amount of ammunition and health to deal with the enemies you will face.

As you’ll see, the game requires a number of key functions to keep you on your feet, and that’s where the controller comes in handy. The default GamePad Controller is fine for what it is intended for, but what happens if you want something bigger?

The Switch offers you two options. The first is the Joy-Con, which offers four different controllers in an easy to use package. The other option is the Joy-Con Grip, a two-handed gamepad that’s a little heavier and more demanding than the DualShock 4, but still feels quite comfortable in your hands and hands-free. It’s also a great way to practice some of the motions you won’t be seeing in a whole lot of games from now on.


I know, I know. It’s easy to dismiss the Joy-Con controllers as gimmicky, but trust me, you won’t want to miss out on the ability to use them that much. For all our faults as human creatures, we have a natural knack for taking a shortcut. Switching between the controller and the phone is easy and instantaneous, whereas switching between a gamepad and a tablet is almost as difficult. And even more frustrating is how much smaller they feel. On the GamePad, there is really no way to avoid using a smartphone as a control.

We can, however, still use the Joy-Con controllers to make a decent smartphone controller. We could have built a full

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