What should I charge for dog walking?

$18 for a full weekend.

Do I need a credit before booking? No. Our standard booking policy is you book online; you’ll be provided with a credit card (if you choose) and on which they’ll be billed when your dog returns home.

Can I book dog walking through a private agency? You can book dog walking through the agency. However, if you do, you should consider using a private agency for better security. The dogs will still be there in person.

In a new ad the liberal Super PAC America Rising will attempt to explain the rationale behind their decision to give tens of millions of dollars to a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC.

The spot, called “$1 billion for Hillary” features a black family in their suburban New Jersey home. When it begins, the father wonders why his daughter is in favor of Hillary. After a few moments of thought, he explains, not surprisingly, that they support her because they feel “disrespected by the political system.” The mother adds that if you were their child, you would be supporting the same thing because it’s “important to have women in leadership.

But the ad quickly descends into the realm of ridiculous as the father and son get their kicks laughing off a scene of a presidential candidate who had an embarrassing email leak. “I think it’s interesting that she leaked it to an opponent like Donald Trump,” said the father. “We’ve got a man running for president here.”

The point that Americans Rising hopes to make – and it is clearly a big one in this instance – is that Hillary Clinton and her top backers are simply a huge political power-play.

“This is just another example of a small group of billionaires buying an election. They’re not buying power, they’re buying favor,” America Rising Executive Director Rhonda Shafroth told CNN. “They know they’re going to have a lot of people who are going to vote for Donald Trump, so if they sell favor for power, they can get the support they want.”

The ad seems perfectly at odds with Americans Rising’s purpose. Instead of trying to sway anyone, the PAC is attempting to convince them that electing Donald Trump would be a good thing. So much so that some people will still vote for Clinton even when it becomes painfully obvious that he isn’t their man.

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