What do I need to take to the zoo with a baby?

Pregnant or nursing female and their adult male or female companions (other than a human, cat OR ferret).

What should I keep in my carrier?

Babies on-leash must always be securely in a carrier in an enclosure, preferably in a carrier of at least 32″ x 32″ x 21″.

How do I get to the zoo?

Your vehicle will be required for transport between the Zoo and its attractions. A shuttle service is provided between the Zoo, Downtown and Northwoods Park.

What else should I take?

You may also wish to bring along your identification to get the best prices for parking while away from the zoo. When you arrive at the downtown Zoo, you will be taken to the front entrance. There you can view your parking rates and arrange a parking space for your baby and bring along your ID. You may also wish to bring along your water bottle, a snack, a non-perishable food item and a change of clothes so your baby is not smothered.

If you prefer not to pay parking parking fees, you may purchase a parking permit online at There are two options for parking at the Zoo today:

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Parking on site. There is a $3 fee to reserve a space on the Zoo property. When you purchase a permit, you must present the $30.00 receipt.

Purchase a parking area permit. There is a free parking spot with a $3 fee to purchase a permit. When you purchase a permit, you need to complete and sign a waiver that states that a $3 fee and liability waiver are non-refundable. You must sign this waiver at the time of payment to receive your permit.

How will I get to the Zoo/Inns?

There are no parking lots or street parking at the Zoo. There is plenty of pedestrian and bicycle parking available in downtown or Northwoods Park. There is a fee that applies; visitors may purchase additional parking permits at the Zoo.

What other activities can I plan to do while at the Zoo/Inns?

Here are some interesting events:

Please note: Zoos are not designed for children. If your child is uncomfortable with the environment, do not bring them to the Zoo/Inns.

Are all of the attractions open?

Not exactly. When you visit the Zoo, you may find that there is a different attraction or different