What do I need to take to the zoo with a baby?

Walking around the zoo in a stroller or with a baby is challenging, because the baby is quite small and can’t yet sit on its hind legs without help. This means the animal may be less than ten minutes old and may need some extra nursing attention.

The animal will also require a lot of help from you as you walk around, since there is only one path between your hands and your feet. So, it is possible you will be asked to help the baby out of the stroller.
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When you see this animal, and feel secure enough to help the baby out of the stroller, you can take it to the vet for a check-up. When the vet looks at it, you can leave and the baby may need another day of nursing. After that, you can come back and feed it.

This baby will need your patience and love as you take it in and help it through its first few days at the zoo. If you feel that it needs someone from outside the zoo to help it, please don’t bring your own baby. You should bring your child to see the animals or a friend.

What should I pack for the baby and do I need a stroller?

When you bring your new baby home and decide to take it with you, make sure your purse is big enough to carry the baby and food and supplies as a baby does. Before buying a baby stroller, you should also ask local pet stores, stores for older animal pets, veterinarians and other organizations to recommend the best stroller for your baby. Some strollers are more expensive than others.

Many strollers are small or only have one side, so if you have a larger car, you may want to consider adding a small car seat for your baby. There are also a lot of baby-only strollers for adults in the market which does not have a front and back like a child’s stroller.

If you are worried whether your baby can get into a small stroller without help, there are ways you can help it. First, make sure that the stroller fits properly and that there are plenty of seats in the back. If there are any extra wheels, take them off to fit. You can also use one of the wheeled infant strollers that are available at the zoo. These strollers usually have the baby’s head inside and do not require a front and back.

It is also important to remember that this is a new animal