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As a rule, there are a few things that matter more to a site’s rank: organic traffic that’s generated by content marketing and advertising, quality and quantity of links and social media shares. The latter should only count if they’ve been generated by the site itself, or if the link is the primary ranking factor.’s traffic is strong, though not the heaviest, and the amount of traffic it gets from advertising and organic traffic is relatively small. Since Forbes isn’t in the top 500 in Facebook, its link-rank doesn’t really reflect the traffic it gets from social media shares on the site.

The amount of social shares and the quality of them influence the site’s website rank, and for Forbes there is no correlation between the quality and quantity of shares that earn a link. It just seems like the quality and quantity of links to a website matters a lot more to the top spots.’s ranking is also affected by its quality ranking from search.

Forbes has no organic traffic from social media – no Google AdWords ads or Twitter shares, no Facebook likes, no Instagram likes. The amount of social shares on the site is small, and only adds to the site’s organic traffic ranking.

A little bit like the traffic receives from Facebook, its links from social media are not in itself important to the site’s ranking. They are still a factor though, and the company needs to promote its links and social media shares if it wants it to be on the top, because their social media posts can rank better than those of their competitors.

We’ve tested numerous top-ranked websites including Forbes, the Telegraph, Wired,, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, BusinessWeek, and many others over the years, and they all have something in common – they have a strong social media presence and links that are getting good amounts of shares.

The city of Vancouver continues its efforts to stop what it deems to be irresponsible use of the city’s open-space space.

Vancouver City Council, in an unprecedented effort, this week gave unanimous consent to the reopening of five public spaces — six at-large spots on the city’s streets — all of which were closed off for several years.

“I would like to thank Council’s planning, legal, policy and enforcement officers and the community outreach team for getting us this far,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson on Tuesday, after Council was

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