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There isn’t really anything we can tell you with certainty about how many dogs can you handle while walking at the same time, but there is one very real number—approximately 400 million.

Yes, 400 million.

Okay, let’s step back (and maybe put on some shoes), to get a deeper understanding of just how amazing this number is, the incredible number of dogs that can roam at the same time throughout the world.

According to the Dog Owner Manual, each dog is capable of carrying about 100 pounds at the shoulder—so 400 million is equal to the weight of 6.6 billion human beings! Each person is approximately 6.7 feet tall (and so approximately 6.7 feet wide). So this means that each dog can fit into 6.5 of our homes, and each person is approximately the same size we are.

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But what about the dogs that can’t walk at the same time? How many really need to be on hand to keep everyone safe? What’s the total number of walking dogs required in the world? We know it’s a billion (or thereabouts), but how many will need walking assistance?

It can be counted on the fingers of one hand. To figure that out, let’s take a look at what a typical person needs in their daily lives, as defined by the Dog Owner Manual.

And we will divide that down to just 5 categories:


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