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KUALA LUMPUR — The head of Malaysia’s police union said on Monday that he wants members of a banned right-wing political party to be charged for defamation of the nation’s leaders.

This is a view supported by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and Prime Minister Najib Razak, but is fiercely opposed by human rights activists, civil rights groups and many Malaysians — particularly the country’s younger generation. Others say it should be left to the courts.

The PAS party — with the acronym for “Perkasa Islam Bera,” “Perkasa Islam Datuk Seri Najib,” or “Perkasa Islam Bera Party” — was listed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) last year as a foreign agent for the United States, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

The list, which was sent to the ACC last month via the Attorney-General’s Chambers, included two officials of the prime minister’s office.

Mr. Najib’s cabinet is also under criticism. The government’s decision in January to extend the country’s state of emergency through April — a decision that was later overturned on appeal — has raised worries, even among some of Mr. Najib’s allies, that the country could fall victim to terrorism.


Malay groups have called for the government to step in, to ensure that there is no political interference in the conduct of public affairs, especially security. On Monday, Najib said in a news conference, “We have to ensure the system is functioning properly.”

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But in a speech here at the University of Pemba, which is known for its liberal political views, the head of the Malaysian Association of Bar Associations, Azizah Tani, said there were “very few” Malaysians who are not familiar with the name of the PAS party.

“We have to make clear that not all PAS MPs are connected with the party,” Mr. Tani said. “Our country is at war, they might have taken some precautions, but how many

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