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For a couple of years now, the new Rover’s been available with a two-year plan that allows users to pay a monthly subscription fee of between €30 and €300 ($38 and $400) and then receive a €20 discount on the purchase of their next vehicle.

It was a pretty generous offer for a car — and one that was clearly a winning formula for Rover, although this deal doesn’t affect customers of other carmakers.

So, what’s in it for Rover’s salespeople this promotion?

Well, to start with, for those of us interested in finding out more about all things Rover, it would be nice to be able to order cars online to test drive.

And this doesn’t apply only to Rover’s own website either. The company’s website features online ordering options for Ford (F), Chrysler (Chrysler) and GM (M&M-B), and the U.S. market remains its own market, too.

If you’re looking to buy your next ride online, then you’ll be required to provide name, credit card and shipping address, but you’ll also be able to use mobile payment to order online and pay with Google Wallet.

For now, there are only some four ways to order a car — you can pay in full through Rover’s website or by telephone.

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Here’s all that’s available for a week, starting Oct. 19, 2012:

-Buy it on Rover’s website

-Place cash order through Rover’s online ordering app

-Go to online ordering app and fill in the required information

-Place order

-Pay for it during the week

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an audio file using audio editor software to create your own music track in Adobe Audition. If you’re already familiar with Audition then you shouldn’t need much of this information:

1. What is a ‘track’?

Most file formats are described as ‘tracks’. If you’ve ever read through a magazine (e.g. FastWeb) you may have seen ‘tracks’ in its sidebar. The easiest way to look at a track is on a graph. In a graph you see a dotted line and a line starting at 0, followed by a red line that moves upwards and a line, ending at 100. In the world of music it’s easier to view the graph as an ascending and descending spectrum.

The above example shows two different

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