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Yes. Some make a lot more than others, and some are bigger than others. What it comes down to is that as your pet grows, it means you will make more money. So, it is important that you understand your responsibilities.

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What are my costs when buying a pet?

Before you buy a pet, you should research what you want to spend money on. We have compiled the cost of buying an animal for you in the Pet Guide below, along with the factors to consider before and after you purchase a pet.

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How much do you need to pay for a pet insurance policy?

Pet insurance policies pay for many things like veterinary care and boarding a pet. They are good to ensure that you or your pet won’t be left in any distress once he or she’s in the hands of someone else. Pet insurance quotes vary but will generally be $600-1000 every two or three years with a premium.

How much will shipping and packing/handling costs?

Shipment and handling costs vary, depending on the country you are shipping it to, and the amount of material and labour that you’ll have to undertake. When doing more extensive shipping abroad, you’ll pay a higher freight cost.

For example, for a package of 15kg it could cost an extra $200-450. For a package of 20kg, the shipping cost can easily be $500. If you buy a larger package, such as a larger dog, you could save a significant amount of money.

Will your pet keep longer than you expected because he’s been on a journey that’s longer than anticipated?

The average length of a journey for dogs is between 4-7 months. We recommend that you wait at least one year between buying a dog and introducing him to your parents, as your dog’s body age tends to decrease significantly during this time frame.

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How are vets like?

In addition to regular vet visits, they may also work with your parents and other people to help train your dog in various manners.

For example, dogs may be trained in how to perform housework tasks and may be taught to sit in a certain position. This may be a good start but it can also require frequent supervision, which may be an added expense. Vet visits are usually included in the price of your pet insurance.

How long is a trip to pet park for me?

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