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If you own a service dog, they do!

Most state and local governments pay owners of service dogs the same as employees of private businesses. Most businesses, from banks to bars and restaurants to hospitals, also offer payment plans for service dogs, which can be as low as $350 per year.

If you don’t live in one of the states listed above, it’s likely that your state or local government may have a service dog policy, and you may be entitled to receive service dog payments. It could be a simple matter to show that you and your service dog have met requirements set forth in your state or local ordinance and you’ve made payment arrangements. It can also be as simple as showing proof that you own a service dog and the employer doesn’t have a policy against your service dog.

Even if the employer doesn’t have a dog policy, it’s still important to ask the question of the company, the employee, the supervisor or their representative.

How do I find out what my state’s service dog policy is?

Ask your local service dog organization and/or your state or local labor department for the policy. Make sure you ask to speak with, and be sure to get a copy of your local or state service dog law’s contact information – which may be in the form of a local or state law or policy and may show that there is a service dog policy in place.

Make sure that you’re getting a copy of the policy for each service animal that you own and use. This means that you want the policy that has your signature on it.

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How do I contact my state or local service dog organization?

Service dogs organizations are organized by state, and they can be found by their name, such as D.C’.s D.C.S.A. or Florida’s D.FL.S.I. They can also be found on the State Animal and Worker Protection Commission.

Service dog organizations in your state may have a website. If they don’t have an online presence, check their phone listings or visit them at the office.

If you’re not sure what state your organization is in, you can check what state is where the local branch of the service dog organization is located. That will find the organization’s organization in your state.

What do I have to pay to get my service animal’s permission to work and who does I call when there’s a problem with a dog?

Most states allow service dog

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