Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Christian Life Coaching Business Names

The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, it’s hard to imagine how a man who made money from book selling and self-help seminars could possibly be considered a live-in life coach. Yet that’s what Tony has done, and how, thanks to his bestselling book “Wise Habits,” he’s been able to become a self-help kingpin with millions of followers on YouTube and Amazon. Here’s a look at three of Mr. Robbins’s top tools and strategies for staying in control:

1. Give him what he wants: Tony’s first rule for success is to give Tony what he wants. One of his favorite pastimes is watching people fail in his seminars, and then giving them tools to avoid the same mistakes in their present, so he can pick the ones that work best. For him, that means telling them what he wants out of a particular situation, then explaining that what he needs is an objective basis for a solution. “You have to be honest about what you want to achieve. If you just want to achieve a state of contentment, and you are not ready to commit to change, you’ll be disappointed.”

2. Make him feel heard: This is Mr. Robbins’s second favorite tactic. He tells his audience how the goal is to communicate with the other participants in the seminar so they feel heard. He knows how easy it can be to get caught up in one’s own thoughts and feelings when a topic is new to a person — if any of the members of the discussion were unfamiliar with a topic that came up in the seminar, then the discussion could quickly turn into an emotional soap opera. But that’s not the case with Tony. He’s been able to find out where he stands to a group and then let them know what happens when they take matters into their own hands and go out on the streets that day to demonstrate their actions. It’s an approach he calls a “cascade” because the process begins with a simple “Hey, do you want to talk about…?” message, and eventually moves to a “Do you have what I want?” or “How did you find out…?” message. If the person simply starts talking, Tony tells them exactly what they need to do, and then lets them know when it’s time for an after-action review for both himself and the other participants in the discussion.

3. Challenge the conversation

If you haven’t seen the recent Tony Robbins documentary “Man on Fire”, which explores his life

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