How long is a coaching session? – Life Coaching Business Plan Examples

A coach typically has five- to 10-minute coaching sessions. During these sessions, the student learns to understand his or her unique strengths and weaknesses, how to solve problems, and what others think about him or her.

What should you be prepared for?

Many schools will take all the necessary steps to make sure you feel as comfortable as you can be in your classroom environment. While you may find it easy to answer a few questions, you will be asked a lot of other questions, all of which can make everything seem overwhelming. Prepare ahead of time and follow the steps.

If you have questions about the guidelines, refer to our online guide on how to help your students succeed.

There is a great deal of talk about women’s issues in India nowadays but in its absence has been an absence of a proper and comprehensive feminism. This is the very reason why I felt it necessary to write a post about it.

We live in a time where the word ‘feminist’ comes from the Latin femina (female – like the Greek word eunuch, a woman that has been castrated). The same word also means ‘fugitive woman’. This is why in India women have to wear high corsets to prevent ‘fugitive woman’ syndrome and this explains the ‘misogyny’ of some in our society.

As I said earlier, I don’t know how important it is to ‘identify’ a feminist as anyone who does not fit the modern male-dominated definition of feminism. But I think it is worth mentioning some people who are not the typical feminists we are used to seeing.

There is a woman in our family called Madhu who is a complete stranger who never talked or wrote down anything about herself. We didn’t know anything about her as we lived from her words in her journals and in her interviews. Her story is extremely unusual in itself.

Madhu was in Mumbai University as I write this post. Her grandfather lived here and used to help her out with her family. He was an engineer from Bombay, India. And her paternal grandfather was an architect from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Madhu’s father also ran away from home and never wrote anything about himself – a typical woman in South Asia.

My own father came from Bombay, India but his roots were in Kerala state and had a good relationship with Kerala’s culture and language. He grew up with a good understanding of Kerala as a person and it’s people. His

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