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– We give two-hundred two minutes of coaching. The coaches give each student three minutes of personal training. We always have to check that all the students are properly trained. We teach about two days a week.

I’m not really a fan of the whole “reactive programming” thing that people like to bring up. In my experience, it tends to focus a lot more on theory, math, or numbers and less on learning.

Not that I’m against people doing theory-intensive stuff, but when you can’t really relate to the problem, it’s harder to focus on practical problems that actually produce tangible results.

On the other hand, a lot of the time, people that don’t have a “real job”, like the ones who design web apps, web 2.0 stuff or any web apps, or even people who don’t have any real “real jobs” at all, but that design or do things like programming and code-base maintenance for things like a website, etc. are just as capable of learning reactive concepts, and more than a few of my fellow programmers feel the same way about reactive programming!

So it’s not so surprising that the first few classes we taught at ReactSchool came to be primarily in terms of reactive concepts.

The problem with being an “actor”, then, is that you end up writing a lot of your code.

And it’s not just the code that has to be reactive. Most of it isn’t.

A class that’s a function.

A helper class.

A method.

A property.

A property.

An object.

A method that has some data property and doesn’t know what properties it has.

Here’s a really trivial example of the reactive nature of code as written.

class CheckInputForm { // All the different fields on an input form }

So if you were to write this function like this:

checkInput(Form input) { return form; }

Now it’s not going to work! In fact, it’ll give you a compile-time error because an unexpected value was passed in as the default value for the input property. You’re going to have to pass some data in, and it’s going to have to be valid input data.

So this code could work, but it’s just going to look like a lot of noise.

There’s another problem: your code

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