Can you make money life coaching?

What about you, who are trying to turn “life coaching” into a thing?

In your opinion, where can we get more information about coaching, for both new and existing people?

For the life coaching business, or other areas not covered in this post:
5 Reasons Coaching Fails–And How To Make It More Effective

If you know somebody that might be interested in coaching, please ask them to take a few days to read this.



When it was first announced that the upcoming Spider-Man 3 would have Norman Osborn, a high school geek who was killed in the first film, I was a fanboy. I bought the DVD and I saw all the trailers, and I couldn’t wait to see a movie with Osborn as the antagonist. While that premise certainly has merit, I don’t feel that Osborn will be the villain that Spider-Man 3 needs. I do, however, want to know what we’ll see from Norman if he does not make his appearance. I’m sure the answer is the same, even if it is much less than what I wanted, but what I think the key to this answer lies in.

What I did not like about the first film.

First, I felt that the action scenes in the film were kind of boring. Even when the “big bad” was introduced, it wasn’t as good as the first one. The film was a bit too slow with all the characters fighting the villain all over the place. There were too many instances of this, one after another, and it felt like it was rushed. I could definitely see why the film was considered to be a slow-moving movie, as the plot, however, didn’t seem to be as important as the movie had seemed to promise with the opening credits. The second problem that I have with the film is that of the character of Peter Parker.

The first film featured Parker having become the “new” Spider-Man when Harry Osborn (played very well by Andrew Garfield ) suddenly died. With the passing of Harry, the first Peter Parker, with his knowledge of how life works, decided to become the new Spider-Man, much to the chagrin of J. Jonah Jameson (Ben Kingsley ) , who was trying unsuccessfully to keep the “new” Peter from becoming the Spider-Man. I thought at the time that it was a nice addition to the character of Peter Parker, but I couldn’t really believe it. Why, after all, could no one have