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This is not the first time Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has been accused of excessive profit-sharing.

Last June, a German court ruled that a controversial “Sony Pictures Classics” DVD set in which Michael Jackson sold out during the 1992 Olympics was the source of $3 million in copyright infringement. That case, however, focused on whether the DVDs contained enough footage of the Jackson concerts to satisfy the court to a sufficient degree.
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Sony has denied any responsibility. “I have nothing to do with it,” said Sony Pictures Entertainment vp international, Scott Derrickson (via Fandango). “It’s an issue that has never occurred in 15 years of making movies and that’s all.” But the legal saga may just be starting.

A few months ago SOPA legislation was introduced in the U.S., which has also seen plenty of criticism of the bill since its initial introduction last year. Since it’s the Sony Pictures case that’s being taken to Federal court, this appears only to be a case of bad PR rather than just a legal matter.

A few weeks ago I noticed a lot of the same old complaints coming up about the current state of the web. This, combined with some very useful, but not necessarily new, techniques, led me to ask the question:

Is there more to the web than the browser?

One obvious follow-up question: If so, can we do better?

The problem is that many of the solutions we’re using can be applied to any content, not just web browsers.

To answer this question, I’ve set out to identify and classify the commonalities and differences between different techniques (or approaches) of web development.

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The list below is sorted by the amount of times I’m using each technique (by percentage):

Browser technology


Elements (e.g. div , img , text , image )

, , , ) Polyfills (e.g. CSS, SVG etc)

Eyes (e.g. user-selectable text, image )

) Media queries (e.g. media query for background, text, image)

Proper use of CSS Media Queries

CSS3 Animations

CSS3 Transforms

Use of Web Components (WebGL is a good example of this)

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