What is the longest YouTube video ever made? – Learn How To Shoot And Edit Video

9. You’ve done a lot of work here at TED. Are you familiar with the “cogito ergo sum,” where the philosopher Eraclitus says, “I live, therefore I am”? Is it really one sentence?

Yes, I am. (Yes, I’m a professor at Harvard.)

I know all three parts are true, so as not to spoil the fun!

How long, exactly, is the longest YouTube video? A month? Seven days? Ten months? A century?


I wonder if you know about the fact that this person was given an award by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s oldest human being.

I know of that person. (There’s a TED Talk about it.)

He/she died in 2005.

My question is: how has that person lived (at least according to the Guinness Book of World Records)?

She/he passed away in 2005, but he was not around to celebrate. And she/he had been living in South Africa in the past couple years.

My second question: why did the first person of the universe die?

It had to do with the energy balance.

What is the most unusual thing about being a professor here at TED? And how long has it been since you taught in your teaching career?

For me, it’s great being part of an incredible community of thinkers. And I get to work with some really brilliant young thinkers.

Is there anything unique or funny about being a professor at TED?

That’s a tough question. I can say that the greatest thing about being a professor is not only my role as the teacher, but about being part of a very inclusive community of thinkers. Our faculty, especially our faculty chair, is some of the most diverse I’ve had the privilege of teaching across the country.

What is the first thing you look for when you look to hire someone to lead your TED Center?

I look for people who share my vision for the center and have a passion for helping people think and to be active in their communities. I especially value people who will be engaged and make a difference in the world.

Do all of you come from the same place—across the pond, perhaps?

We all come from Oxford. Oxford is the birthplace of the idea. And people who are interested in the ideas that come out of Oxford,

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