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We believe in delivering an immersive video experience to our listeners, so we’ve designed our apps to be as unique as the videos we serve. We started our career in podcasting when we first heard of Podtruss. We have been building podcast apps for more than five years, and the Podcast app has taken the most time to develop. We don’t spend a huge amount of time building our apps to look the same as other podcast apps, so we wanted to make sure that each one looked completely unique.

What are a few other things that you look for when you make an app?

We design the app to look great in a multitude of devices. Our app is a mobile-friendly app, but we want it to look great in any screen size.

Is there a way that you get feedback on the app from listeners?

We know that listening to a podcast is a great way to engage with those around you, and we’re thrilled that listeners have enjoyed the app and are enjoying sharing our content. We’re always listening—we want to make sure the app works in every way possible so that everyone is able to enjoy it.

Hip-hop is one of American culture’s most enduring and controversial genres. Hip-hop has an undeniable impact on society, influencing generations through its music, image, and cultural impact.

What is Hip-Hop?

Hip-hop (commonly referred to as hip-hop or hip-hop) is comprised of lyrics, music, and imagery, often called diss tracks, but can be considered more like rap and rap-pop, as opposed to the traditional hip-hop. The music is usually written, produced, performed, and distributed by the various groups known as rappers, singers, producers and other artists who combine song lyrics, rhyming/vocals, and rhythm.

What’s the origin of Hip-hop? The first rapper to be included in the hip-hop canon was Biggie Smalls. Biggie was born into a Southern household in the 80’s and began performing “gangsta” rap. He began rapping in a barber shop and at age 14, signed a contract with the record label Death Row Records, named after the recording studio of the same name.

What is hip-hop’s impact on the contemporary world? Rap is both a force for social and political change and a popular entertainment form, with the influence of both. In the United States, rap has an outsized social

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