What is a selfie ring light? – Shooting Steady Video

It’s a flash that you wear around your ring finger to make it glow and brighten a ring. This works much, much better than any flash bulb, in my opinion. There are different versions of camera flash which work a bit different, with different power. The ring flash takes around 20minutes to run down, but with this, you have your hands free to really capture your love. This photo in particular was taken around my fiancee. If you look closely, you can see the bright blue glow from the flash on the ring. It worked better than I thought would even work. She was so happy!

What is a selfie lamp? I’m still using this little one, and it’s great. I love the sound of it, and I’m so glad I came across this one. You can use this lamp on your iPhone camera and it’s so simple. It has a light switch, and is the perfect size to fit in the pocket of your jacket. I don’t know what makes it better, but it’s perfect for making a selfie.

What is a camera flash? I’ve been using one of these for years with great results. Like a selfie ring light, it’s an easy way to make photos pop brighter, with little lighting fuss. I love the look of this one. No problem, the picture looks great.

What is a highlighter? Yes…I know…it’s not really a product! I just picked it up on the highlighter aisle at The Body Shop and have been using it since I first heard about it. The highlighter is a stick that you stick anywhere on your body, including your ring finger. Put it in your hand for any bright red light, or for any bright blue light. It’s all over on Amazon. I love it, so I can’t explain how it works. I will say that it makes a bright pink with about 10 minutes of usage. I didn’t know this at the time and had no idea that my finger was glowing. I’m so happy with this.

How to use makeup remover on your finger

The most common thing I see on Instagram is someone making their finger bleed. This means your fingers are bleeding from the makeup remover you’re using. It’s very easy to do, just follow these simple steps.

1. Remove makeup with no makeup

2. Remove mascara and foundation (or any products) for the affected areas

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3. Dip your finger

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