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You can work your freelance schedule as much as you want, or you can opt for a gig that gives you enough cash to live comfortably and have enough to cover expenses for a couple of weeks. In that case, I recommend setting that amount as high as possible, because your income is guaranteed:

You’ll only have expenses (travel and equipment, and other recurring costs) if you take on this project

If they’re high, you can’t turn them down, since it’s a job that you have to give up a lot of personal freedoms if you take the gig.
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Are freelance videographers paid?

The answer is yes, they are. If you are a first-time videographer, this will be a great opportunity to make money, especially online.

Your main concern is that your work pays! If you spend a while on a project, it could save you money by allowing you to do the work you might not have been able to do otherwise.

How to find a place to shoot

If you are thinking about making a video, it’s time you know where to look. There are many ways of finding a location; it could be a friend’s apartment, or a popular street.

However, if you want to work with people in your community, make sure you look in local newspapers and magazines. You might get a hint to something happening.

What happens afterwards?

Depending on how much money you earn, you’ll see what your work looks like afterwards. The best thing about freelancing is the ability to customize your work, and that’s very valuable.

When you are in a good position with your client, you decide how much of the profits will go to you and how much will go to your creative work.

For example, if you take the same video, and your client makes $100 per hour, you can say:

I made $100


I worked for $35 per video hour

In my article on the topic, I share with you step by step ideas that can help you maximize the return on your project. If you want to learn even more about how to make a video, and get your project on Instagram or YouTube, take a look at these tips, and I hope this article helps!

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What are your thoughts on making a video as a freelancer?

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