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When Netflix starts a new service there will be some initial tests to determine the quality and accuracy of the service. To test your screen resolution and playback you will need a device with the display that can support HD video. This means that either your TV/monitors resolution or a mobile device with a screen size in the 200-300 range will work. The first screen capture may result in a slight image judder as the system processes frames from the movie but it will become completely smooth as a result of the system encoding the video.

When you watch a Netflix video the Netflix system captures a high quality picture from your device, which is then stored on a memory. As your device downloads the memory of the video to your device you will have a video playback. From this the software of the screen capture system will create an “audio clip” for this video. When the video plays, the audio will also start playing in this high quality picture.

Using it to watch a movie

If you have a TV that supports the 1080p60 resolution it may be possible to watch the video on this screen. Most of the time it will work and there is no need to worry about frame rate though. When it’s not possible to download a movie to your Samsung device, the system will take the raw video and save it for later viewing.

The screen capture system has a few caveats though. The system will only record in 720p, so when you watch a movie it will look distorted. Some TVs will not work. The video quality should improve over time, or at least to a pretty decent level of quality. When the service is running on your phone there should be no degradation to the audio.

Using it on a computer

It’s good to have an option to make HD video playing on a computer as convenient as you would on a TV. This is how you will create an image from any video. With this method we can create a picture using 1080p video and save it to a image file on our computer. In terms of playback the image file will appear as a small image file to the computer.

With the screen capture feature of your Samsung device, there is no need to be connected to a computer. The audio and the video will start playing. All that is required is to turn on your device at the same time you want to capture. This allows the system to track the motion so the image can be downloaded and downloaded at the same time at the same file.

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