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The prize money for the world’s premier racing event, the Monaco Grand Prix, is £55 million. That’s right – more money than the whole world!

The world’s best drivers make up only a small fraction of the prizemoney. There are a number winners who have won more than half of the money available, but it’s also worth pointing out it’s not all that common for these drivers to win the full £55 million for a single race.

This is why a race winner – in Monaco – needs to beat around 90% of the other racers and it’s a much lower threshold than some people might think.

The Monaco Grand Prix is divided into four classes, but it’s not the only one.

First up is the premier class and this category will have the greatest number of world class racers, with the majority of the money distributed around the grid.

Next up is the top class, and this is where the stars of the sport rise from. These races, as they are now named, have the highest prize money and is where some of the best racing ever seen takes place.

The third class is where racing with big vehicles is played out and where big-money, world class drivers from outside the main series are drawn.

Finally, there are the grand prix cars, these are the one’s that regularly win the race and can be either factory builds or factory entries.

These are the fastest, most beautiful and most expensive cars in the world and are often used to bring the highest possible prize money.

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