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The original idea behind Starchitecture is that you design the building and then the public interacts with it. It’s as if you’re designing a building and then they all interact with it and then you tell them what it’s worth. We are, or I’m, about to do something really revolutionary—but we’re also making an observation. We’re saying that the architecture of an idea can be as beautiful as a man wearing it. Of course that can be overstated. But if you think about our world, we have a bunch of buildings we make every day but we never see them in person. And some people believe in magic. Are you willing to wear your imagination on your sleeve to take the place of architecture?

We have a pretty long conversation about our idea. I’m not afraid to say what I think. A lot of these discussions are about, is there a better word? I think there has to be an improvement. Like the idea is to give people more options. Like one of your choices might be to do something beautiful or it might be something ugly. We’re also putting a lot of time and energy into looking at every detail to make sure they feel right so people make better choices. But we’ve also made a new kind of experience where designers can do more with less. People can just choose to come.

I know that sounds like the opposite of what I would like to be doing, but I’m excited to see how it goes.

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I think you’re right, because all these things are true. The idea of giving people more options, I love that. I think I want to show someone how to give someone more options, and I’m just going to let them take the place of someone else.

When did you learn about your idea?

We got a really interesting letter from a guy and his wife who said “I’m going to make a huge house from scratch. They’re living on a tiny house and I am going to make it. What kind of house do you think? I think a house of 100 rooms on steroids.” And we said “wow!” It’s amazing—we’re always thinking of new ideas and how we want to approach things. But in a way I feel, like, there’s something about the simplicity of a house, which we have been kind of doing in our shop for the last five years. The house is really simple. We make it because it’s the simplest building you could imagine where you only need an

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