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The oldest horses raced were described in a book ‘The Horses of the Great Stupa’, written by Hilda Wotton (1183) in 1622. She was the granddaughter of John Wotton, the founder of the Wotton family who lived in Canterbury in 1163. These horses were the best on the continent at the peak of their sport. From the 17th Century onwards the horses of the Stupa are known to be the most spectacular in the world. They are now considered as the best in the world, for that is not only the truth but also the truth being judged against the highest standards in the world today. The Stupa was destroyed by fire in 1641, however, the horse-stupa in its original form is still an integral part of the city of Canterbury. The Stupa contains the ancient records of its time, such as the accounts of the events during the reign of King John I (1164-1167) and the accounts of events since then. A replica of the Stupa now is in existence. Some members of the community still practice the traditional horse-and-sport ‘Hounds of the Stupa’ tradition, and they race them.

What is the origin and meaning of the word for the horse-race known as the Race of the Seven Veils?

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The word Race of the Seven Veils is derived from the story of the Seven Veils of the Prophet Abraham – which describes the life of Abraham. It describes a competition between seven horses which race each other as the leader and his chosen champion is killed when he is hurt or injured. When the last champion has been killed, the leader will be chosen to be king of the empire – and the seventh horse will be the winner.

The ancient world believed in seven stages of life. When a king died, all the children and grandchildren were born again and took the position of king of the empire, the first of all the children of the king and the last who were not born again died. The seventh child would become the king – the first of the children of the first king. The seventh child would become the ruler of the empire, the first of the children of the second king, and so on down the line. There was a cycle of succession in the ancient world of which it could be said to follow seven stages. The concept of a cycle of succession in itself, however, has been found throughout many cultures. There is also a cycle of birth,

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