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In the United States, the term handicap comes from an act of the 18th Century when a racehorse was placed in a blindfold to ensure that the racehorse wouldn’t get too far ahead of the pack. The term is used in the sport of equestrianism, though it can be applied to any racing event other than the horse race. So, the handicap of the horse is what keeps it out of the limelight compared to its opponent. When something is handicapped, the horse does not perform as well or, in the case of the horse race, it has a hard time to catch up in a race situation or get to the front. Often handicap is used to describe a horse race.

When it comes to politics, no one gets to control it. Every election is unique and has its own story, so it has become increasingly hard to say where a candidate stands.

But there is one thing that can be determined: Who you voted for.

In 2016, more than 50 states had at least one major party vying for control of their state legislature. And since they didn’t, one political analyst has created the first online database called, which lets you track how you voted on election day across 10,000+ local and state contests. In 2016, nearly 12% of voters went to the polls and didn’t vote for either major candidate.
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Here’s how that compares to the rest of the population. The most interesting takeaway is in the number: just 12% of American voters are likely voters, according to a University of Wisconsin poll that was recently released.

That’s significantly lower than the percentage of likely voters in the last election. In 2012, 35% of Americans was likely voters. That number was only lower than that in 2000 and 2008.

So why the difference? It’s hard to say, but a few likely theories. In addition to those who don’t vote, there could be those people who are politically independent or those who simply don’t participate in the political process that much, while these three variables may interact in different ways to determine how likely people are to vote.

One theory suggests that voter turnout will be lower next time. Many people are now expected to pay a higher tax to support the government services they value — a move that will make them even less likely to turn out to vote next time around. Additionally, the federal government is struggling to keep its spending down, which will have an impact on citizens’

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