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First, “place” and “place” are both words that in English refer to the same thing.

Place: this refers to space.

place 1: Place 1 is the space in which we walk or stand and where there is space all around us. It has all sorts of uses, some of which we are about to explore.

For instance, if you have a space of 100 meters in your home, there could be many different ways that you could walk that space: uphill, downhill, uphill and downhill, downhill and uphill on the same day, uphill and downhill on the same day or just not go anywhere at all. Place 1 could also be the center of your town hall that you go to every morning and lunch. Or it could be a large room on the first floor of your home, a room with a bed and a full bathroom that can also be used for sleeping, as well as many other uses.

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Place 2: Place 2 is the place with which people spend a great deal of time in a given place.

place 3: Place 3 is all the things that are in Place 1 and are not actually in Place 2 like in the example.

The main thing to think about is just where is this time? If you want to live a long time, you’d do best to live in all possible places, even in places not really in Place 1 or 2.

The main differences between place 3 and place 1 and 2 are

1. Place 2 is more stable than place 3. If you live in place 2 all the time, you’ll move to a better place every time you leave there. But place 2 can’t be changed, so you’ll feel like your home is always changing, although place 1 and 2 don’t.

2. Place 3 is more stable than place 1 and 2. If you move to place 3 all the time, your house is the place you’re going to end up living for the rest of your life. But place 3 is no longer there as you leave, and you’ll often feel like something is going to make you miss it, rather than leave the place, because you’ll find yourself moving back and forth between that place and place 2 or 3.

In other words, just because you are in place 1 and 2 does not mean that all the places have any significance. Place 1 and 2 are just a place for you to live.

This is important to remember from a practical point

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