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” The original meteorologists thought there probably was, but this was probably only an illusion caused by the fact that a meteor is a really, really big ball of ice and ice particles that looks like a ball of ice. You can see it in the diagram. ” But it turns out that as the size is increased, the number of ice particles is reduced, even as the amount of ice remains almost the same. ” So, now it’s a case of a smaller number of ice particles, larger mass, and no ice at all. It looks exactly like the original meteorological idea that snow is a cloud-free layer in which ice is present, but that’s just not true .
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It feels like we’re at the beginning of the next chapter in the story of the Republican presidential nomination. Donald Trump has gone from a front-runner in the polls to a presumptive favorite. And the story has just gotten better: He was forced to cancel a rally Friday in Ohio after violence broke out in the crowd, and was briefly detained by Secret Service.

But who are those people in the crowd of many thousands in a stadium filled mostly with college students? They aren’t white supremacists, or even supporters of the KKK. These are students from out-of-state and, until Friday, some had not voted for the Republican in recent years. I’ll let you guess who among them is a Democrat.

The problem began Saturday when Trump supporters surrounded a black protester who was walking on the sidelines, yelling his head off. The event escalated as police arrived from different states and, apparently, the man was not in compliance with the rules. (Update, 7:44 p.m.: Police say the man left the grounds while their cruiser kept up with him.)

The melee was captured by a bystander video that went viral on social media and caught the attention of local authorities. Trump, who was speaking to a mostly white audience, reacted angrily and in a way that made it clear he was upset at the protesters:

Trump is not happy w/ a protester who attempted to enter the arena. “Get ’em out!” Trump shouts, “Get ’em out!” — Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) March 15, 2016

The protester, Jason Kessler of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against the Trump campaign, claiming that they should be held liable

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