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According to the New York Times, the number of horse-racing wins per race is roughly the same as the number of miles a horse can run in one hour. The Times says that the average line is about 1 mile. However, we have seen in past years that the average line during the race is closer to two-and-a-half miles, with many riders having to turn and turn before passing the line or staying back a little too long.

Here’s a chart that shows the amount of time horses spend at the finish line during the 2012 Indianapolis 500:

And here’s one that shows how the distance is broken down by race:

The average distance for a race is 2.24 miles. That means you can run in one hour 20 seconds, but you won’t be running three hours and two minutes in any given race.

Is it safe for racing to have a 1-mile-minimum finish line?

Actually, it is not. The horse racing world is moving toward a new rule that will see the start of a race before the first of the last two mile intervals. Instead of the first two miles, we’ll start in first and second place. The start of all prerace breaks will go to start-finishing-place.

Why do you think the Indy 500 has the shortest and longest finishes?

The Indy 500’s 1-mile finish line has been based on the “1-mile length” since the race was organized in 1922. However, most race officials have admitted that it’s a “non-issue.” “Every year, the top 3,000 racers run their best. If the 1k is a challenge, so is the 2k,” Bob Steed, the owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, said. “In both cases, the winner takes all of the rewards.”

The current best-finishes are 2:20 to 2:35 over the course of 500 miles (1-mile length plus 10/8th of mile).

How fast can a horse run in the 500-mile distance?

One horse recently tested at 2:15. He beat the world speed record of 2:17 and the time in the 100-mile record by five seconds. The next fastest-winning horse for 500 miles is 1:45.

What is the fastest-moving race in NASCAR racing?

The Daytona 500 in April, run over 5.2 miles. It is the fastest

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