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I hear they’re hard!” said the old man in a low, gruff voice. He had his horse’s nose under the whip and held the reins. He was wearing a leather whip as tall as he was, and his head was covered with a hood, as he was a member of some secret society, which the people knew. He had had an unpleasant experience with a whip in the past, and he was very cautious about his whip. He had not gone far before he heard a horse neigh, and then his eyes filled with fear. “Are you hurt?” he asked his horse. “No, sir,” said the horse. “We’ll soon be on our way. They won’t find us, or anything like that–we’ll soon be on our way.” He then said, with a heavy voice, “Don’t you know I’m a horse in the first. Let me go on, and let it not harm you.” The old man knew immediately why the horses had left. He had seen these horses walking on horseback, and it had been very strange how they did so, and he was well known in the camp because he had been killed by two horsemen while leading a troop of people on a small cart. “If I were to see two horsemen carrying one heavy cart, I’d be worried, I tell you!” said the old man to himself and he ran on ahead of the troop. Suddenly, out of the clouds, he saw some horses galloping after some people, and it was as if they were going in his direction, for they were in the clouds, and not on a road. At the same moment the people who were going ahead were following. The old man turned his head back to see if the horses had disappeared, but they were gone, and the people were galloping in the air. The old man ran into the camp and asked where the horses had gone. He saw in the camp some women who had been wounded in the head from a whip that had been thrown at them, and there were also some women who had been wounded from bows and arrows, and some men who had been severely beaten with sharp weapons. He told these things to the people there who had been injured the most, and in response they all were very surprised. The people said to him: “You know our horses are no worse hurt than those of the others and that their wounds don’t affect them so much.” “If a whip is thrown at you on the battlefield, what do you think will

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