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There are two ways to earn grants from the Department of State:

The first grants are for technical assistance to promote human rights, and there is the “Peace Corps” program. It has five full-time staff members.

The second, and often more generous way to earn grants from the Department of State is to make an in-kind donation.

Why do you make grants?

There are many reasons.

For starters, I’m a student leader and can use my grant to help spread the word about the importance of the U.S. and our world to human rights.

Secondly, I want to encourage students to learn about international human rights advocacy. Students know that this is something worthwhile to do and that they can make a difference by making direct contributions to it.

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My third reason is practical. When I received my first grant (for a total of $2,000), I knew that I had to get the best value possible. So my next grant was a $3,500 grant. Since I had so little time to devote to the issue as a student leader, I decided to ask the University of California system if it would provide me with a $3,500 grant to work for the rights and causes of international human rights in its campuses. That way, if someone at the University of California asked for help with a particular issue, I would be paid more to help than it would cost me to apply, train, and then pay.

How have your grants been spent?

My biggest expense was the $10,000 grant to a youth organization supporting women in Burma. I spent much of it going to the country, including going for training from the Burmese government and then going for a long stay, including a long-haul flight down the coast that took 15 days. Then there was a trip to the region and another trip to Bangladesh to get equipment to help with community organizing there. On the whole, though, I spent $2,500 and I am very grateful for that.

Are your plans to continue the work for this year?

I’m not sure. In particular, since I’m not yet a full-time staff member in the UN-appointed Center for Democracy, Peace, & Security, I would have to look at other opportunities. If I chose to stay, I certainly could apply for another grant from my position as a youth leader.

But if not, I would prefer to spend more time teaching

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