Is DHHS state or federal? – Government Funding For Small Business Coronavirus

Yes. All businesses (and individuals) are subject to federal and DHHS requirements, including those relating to health.

Is DHHS federal?

Yes. DHHS (the Food and Drug Administration) is a federal agency that operates in Washington state in relation to food, drugs, and tobacco products; and

Does DHHS have authority to regulate health insurance companies?

No. All businesses and individuals are subject to federal and DHHS requirements with respect to health, including those relating to health insurance.

Does DHHS administer the state’s medical marijuana program?

No. The Department of Health, with the assistance of the Department of Justice and the Department of Health Care Services, conducts both the state medical marijuana program and the Washington recreational/medical marijuana program.

Does DHHS administer the Washington’s tax system?

No. Washington’s tax system requires each taxpayer to pay taxes based on their income level, and only applies to individual taxpayers who file individual state tax returns.

Are there income tax rates?

No, state income taxes apply to all businesses and individuals. However, because of income tax withholding and exemptions, there is an exemption for employers who provide employee health insurance and benefits (i.e., health coverage beyond employer covered benefits). There is also a deduction for all income earned from non-taxable sources (this is the same deduction the Washington state constitution provides for for all corporations, unions, non-profits, and partnerships — for all employees).

Does DHHS administer Washington’s education funding?

No. All businesses and individuals are subject to federal and DHHS requirements with respect to health.

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