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Most people think it will be free (this is a bit of a misconception). And it should. It doesn’t cost money to write grants for any professional journal (although they’re a lot more expensive to publish) . What does it cost? Not the usual, easy-to-remember “what’s an author paid to write in your field”? The exact dollar amount, of course, is very hard to get into the head of a researcher, because you won’t know its value until you ask them for it. There are usually two main costs: salaries (I’ve heard estimates for a typical grant of around $200,000), and administrative (I’ve heard estimates for a typical grant of around $15,000). These two numbers are only part of the picture. You also have your expenses. This is something many researchers struggle with when applying for grants. As I mentioned in the very first paragraph of this list, it is common to find a grant asking for a minimum of $30,000 in salary for the author and a maximum of $35,000 in salary for the editor (see the table: salary varies depending on who receives the grant). This is not a good idea. Research is a demanding career. It is not an “ideal” job. It is hard work for anyone who has a high school education (which means anyone who is under 35). It’s hard, but not impossible. And while I can’t guarantee your salary is going to be $200,000/year (it certainly won’t be), I’m sure it could be $60,000-$75,000 if you are lucky. This is why I don’t pay my researchers that much money, I give them the opportunity to create a journal. The other thing I really don’t want to spend one penny on is admin. There are a lot of people who need to do administrative work that researchers aren’t interested in. I’m guessing that this is probably not a bad thing either—you just don’t want to hire an editor who cares only about the journal they are publishing. I think it is a good idea, though. The authors of these grants would have no problem creating an editorial, and I can’t imagine what it would cost them for this. Even if the editor isn’t doing all the paper preparation and editing myself, she will usually still want to create an “official” journal that contains all of the most important information about the research. (And, yes, I know that some people will want to sell their work as

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