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Your landlord can’t make you pay a boiler grant to a heating provider who supplies gas to your home. It’s very unlikely this has happened already, so if you think you’re being treated improperly please contact your landlord.

If you think your landlord is paying a boiler grant to a heating provider that isn’t you, please contact the supplier to let them know they’re being treated inappropriately. You can help the supplier by highlighting any problems and telling what your property costs for hot water.

If you think your landlord is treating you unfairly, you have the right to complain to the local council, who could consider you in line for a complaint from the regulator.

Who should you complain to?

Contact the Tenant Relations Service if you think your landlord is violating your rights – it’s likely they’ve already investigated the issue.

If you’re paying the costs of a property which is only getting hot water from a gas company and you think your landlord is using a heating provider to get the gas you paid for, then you should also contact the Tenant Relations Service on 0800 888 999.

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If the company is just your heating supplier you should check with the landlord first. If they won’t give you their name or address you could also try contacting the Tenancy Tribunal.

Contact information

Your landlord or manager can also give you information on their local Tenant Relations Service.

You can also find the Tenancy Tribunal office in your area, or contact the Public Inquiry Unit if you want to speak to the tribunal himself or herself.

You can give a list of the Tenant Relations Officers in your area, and their locations on the Tenants and landlords helpline on 0845 856 0101.

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