What’s trending in crafts?

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1. Aromatherapies

These are beautiful soaps made from essential oils. They come in natural colors and scents, and come in jars of varying sizes. Use a spray bottle to apply. Or, try the handmade soap maker.

2. Craftsy Home

This is one of the top craft projects on the site. Craftsy Home is a hub for all things crafty. It’s where I found all the great tutorials, such as this One-at-a-Time Craft Tutorial for making a tea kettle from a small ceramic mug. This is one of the best projects I’ve ever made because I had the chance to build it a number of times. It’s a lovely thing to make at home, and it takes me less than 30 minutes!

3. Pail Organize

If you need more inspiration on crafting, Pail Organize has great pictures of DIY projects. They have this little piece of art of a Pail Organize and it goes great with their DIY Jewelry Tutorials. I also love their tutorials.

4. How to Cook with Wood

How to Cook with Wood is a great book that goes into much more depth about cooking and baking with wood. It includes a lot of step-by-step recipes and has lots of color photos of actual wood ovens and ovens.

5. Wood-A-Lily Crafts

I loved how this page included craft tutorials for both girls and boys. It looked like this series of tutorials were designed for adults and children. I loved the DIY Wood-A-Lily and how easily it comes together.

6. Wood-Up

I had my daughter join this fun craft project because we couldn’t bring ourselves to buy one or buy one for her. We also couldn’t put a price on the beautiful wooden tablecloth she created with her finger nail.

7. DIY Little Crochet Machine

most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell ...
This was a fun project about making little crochet machines. It was so cute, and I thought the little guy must have been a dream come true for little girls.

8. DIY Sewing Pans

This is something for everyone! It’s DIY Sewing Pans with a cute little button pocket. This one is for kids, but it also